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PARTY TIME! Over the last three years, MANY Studios has been working with the local council to refurbish a large, unused building in the historic Barras Market. We opened the building in March 2016, introducing 40 new creative workspaces, two galleries, residency resources, event and meeting room facilities, freelance desk space and two commercial units. It's taken us some time, but we're inviting everyone 'round our place for a belated welcome party!

Over the 3rd + 4th September we will be hosting music workshops, live performances and film screenings, plus our friends at Chomsky Food and The All-Seeing Pie will be parked outside supplying you with awesome street food. And, of course, the Barras Market will be running 8am - 4pm.

We're incredibly excited to welcome internationally renowned Gambian musician and composer Sura Susso to Glasgow for a drumming workshop and live performance at MANY Studios. This is a rare opportunity for audiences in Glasgow to experience the mesmerising work of Gambian musician and composer Sura Susso.

Events, workshops and screenings throughout the weekend are mostly free but ticketed, see below for more information.

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Saturday 3 September, 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Djembe Drumming Workshop by Gambian musician, Sura Susso.
Spaces are free but limited, please reserve a space by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>Natalia Palmobo or book online

Workshop: Originally found in West Africa and played during celebrations and ceremonies, the Djembe has captivated, dominated and controlled thousands of people in one way or another. The tonal breadths are amazing and with an accomplished player can hypnotise even the most reserved within the community. A fun and energetic workshop for all ages!

Saturday 3 September, 7pm

Live Performance: Sura Susso
TICKETS: £6 / £4 / FREE available from: Brown Paper Tickets

Sura Susso is a creative, versatile and talented Kora player & Percussionist, who hails from a Traditional Griot family in Gambia West Africa. He is the son of Mamudou Susso and Fatou Binta Cissokho, well-respected musicians in there own right and the younger brother of Seckou Keita who is also a accomplished and successful Kora player.

Griots are historians, orators who hold family and village records. Praise musicians and singers pass this information down through the generations from father to son. Sura’s first initiation to the Kora was at the age of four. The Kora is a 21 stringed traditional instrument, which is able to transfer beautiful twined melodic & rhythmic tones. At the age of seventeen, Seckou Keita invited his younger brother to join him on tour, sharing his talent as a percussionist. Performing in many countries around the world, this gave Sura the opportunity to shape his skills and experience as a performing artist.

Sura’s impressive debut album merges original compositions with various musical influences as well as incorporating rearranged traditional songs. Exhibiting his talent in an assortment of countries, venues and festivals, Sura was invited to perform at an opening ceremony at Manchester City Hospital playing for her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II in 2012; he has also partaken in a number of joint ventures, collaborating with a variation of skillful musicians. In 2009 Sura and his Sister Binta Susso, had the privilege of performing at Glastonbury festival with the legendary Baaba Maal.

Sura’s musical gift, once heard, is not easy to forget. His melodic style resonates deep within, transporting you far away to a harmonic place of sheer delight.

Sunday 4 September, 3pm

Film Screening: Mystery Film (60m)
No booking necessary
On Sunday we are screening a duo of films about music from different corners of the African continent. Details of the first film screening will be announced soon.

Sunday 4 September, 3pm

Film Screening: Faaji Agba (Remi Vaughan-Richards, Nigeria, 2015, Documentary, 90m)
No booking necessary

Faaji Agba is a six-year journey by film-maker Remi Vaughan-Richards following seven, 68-85yr old Yoruba master musicians in Lagos, Nigeria. They were forgotten by society, until Kunle Tejuoso, owner of Jazzhole Records, follows a trail to rediscover them and the 'FAAJI AGBA COLLECTIVE is born. Kunle's journey starts with Fatai Rolling Dollar, which leads him to others such as Alaba Pedro, SF Olowookere, Ayinde Bakare and more. Their musical styles range from highlife, juju to afrobeat. The story starts in 2009 and follows them on their journey to perform in New York in 2011 where tragedy strikes. A year later, undeterred by the setback they perform again in Lagos, ends up being their last. Faaji Agba interweaves the history, culture and music scene of Lagos, Nigeria from 1940’s to 2015 as their joys and tragedies unfold.

MANY STUDIOS Open Weekend is part of East End First Saturdays, a new programme of activity taking place on the first Saturday of each month across the East End.