Many Studios

Exhibition: 4 October - 13 November 2016
Open Thursdays - Saturdays, 12 - 5 pm

Palimpsest presents works that have different relations to layers, or layering, as a creative process, including ‘Unnamed Terrains,’ a new suite of prints by Tom Schofield, ‘Where I Am Is Here,’ a film by Orcadian Film Poetry pioneer Margaret Tait, ‘Tipp-Ex erasures’ by nick-e melville and ‘Final Warning’ by Dorothy Alexander.

A palimpsest, from the Greek ‘scratched/scraped again,’ is the term for a piece of parchment which has had earlier writing effaced to make way for new writing. Over time, this often resulted in the visibility of two disparate layers of text. This disparition is what links these exhibits together: each piece uses different media to ‘scrape’ away, or overlay, various source materials, allowing new meanings to emerge from their recycled forms.

The exhibition is produced as part of Outside-in / inside-out poetry festival. For more information on upcoming events please visit: Outside Poetry Festival.

Palimpsest Event: Celebration of Margaret Tait

Thursday 27 October, 6 - 7 pm

Margaret Tait (1918-1999) was an Orcadian poet and filmmaker for whom words and images made the world real. If film, for Tait, was a poetic medium, her poems are works of craft and observation that are generous and independent in their vision of the world, poems that make seeing happen.

Sarah Neely (University of Stirling) will present a series of fragments from Tait’s archive, exploring the late filmmaker’s practice. Laura Edbrook (Glasgow School of Art) will present ‘It is this it is this, it is this’, a performative video-essay (co-written with Sarah Forrest and commissioned by MAP as part of the Footnoting the Archive season) on the manner of ‘distance from’ and ‘closeness to’ in the work and life of Tait. Finally, there will be a screening of the filmpoem ‘West of Dalabrog’ by Susannah Ramsay (University of Stirling).

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Palimpsest Event: Sqeezer Collective and Greg Thomas

Thursday 10 November, 6 - 8 pm

Squeezer Collective are Jude Browning (,Lila Matsumoto (, Daphne de Sonneville ( and Kim W. Wilson ( Greg Thomas ( is a researcher at University of Edinburgh. Together and apart they will be exploring performance texts that blur the distinction between concrete poetry, visual poetry, and art writing. Music provided by Crap as Hell DJs.

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