Many Studios

You Will Recognise Its Various Parts - Fran Gordon

presented by the MANY Studios Graduate Residency Programme 2014/2015

Gordon’s new body of work attempts to question the idea of the mediated image through assembling and reassembling selected found imagery. Our heavily documented world can feel both close and distant, blurred, mirrored, unreal, and out of our control. Through intuitive and rhythmic image making, a question arises of how images can exist in digital and physical spaces, becoming both a representation and a misrepresentation of the real.

'You will recognise its various parts' refers to a mechanical like approach in how we consume imagery, this repetitive abstracted motion is much like the artists approach to making through printmaking. Printmaking forms a frame for questioning to explore the very themes of the process: that of appropriation, reproduction and the multiple. Gordon uses this process in its broadest terms, sometimes relying solely on a photocopier to re-appropriate imagery.

Manipulations, repeats and reproductions are produced in often basic hand-made processes, in an attempt to regain understanding to the detached way we engage with images. The works explore fragmentation, referring to the image over load we deal with everyday; the worth we associate to some images and not others, and the often aimlessness of searching, selecting and copying we engage with online. In an attempt to understand these flattened modes of viewing images, this body of work has been created and developed with particular focus on material: using photocopying, printmaking, scanning, digital editing, casting, assemblage and collage.

Through the process of making and re-making, an unease is revealed in the degradation of the image’s origin. The scope in which an image can be reproduced is endless: the multiple and the copy become endless.

Fran Gordon (1992, Scotland) lives and works in Glasgow. Gordon graduated in Communication Design from the Glasgow School of Art in 2014 and was selected for MA Printmaking at Royal College of Art, beginning in September 2015. Recent exhibitions, awards and residencies include: 'Stargazing', The Pier Arts Centre (2015), Hospitalfield Arts Graduate Residency Programme (2014), Grafik Magazine New Talent Feature (2014), People of Print Graduate Print Awards (2014).

Location: The Art School, 20 Scott Street, Glasgow, G3 6RJ
Exhibition open; 12-6pm, June 15th - June 19th
Closing event (drinks provided); 6 - 8pm, Friday June 19th
Date: June 2015