Many Studios


b. 1986, HK.


Many Studios is a creative organisation committed to championing multidisciplinary practice through quality workspaces, diverse arts programming and challenging the creative sector.

As part of the legacy of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, the wide ranging placemaking and programming skills of the organisation were employed to design, develop and operate a new creative hub in the East End of the city. Since 2016, the hub has played a major part in the development of The Barras neighbourhood as a new cultural destination through the building of a creative community alongside public events, outdoor markets, unique partnerships and international collaborations.

A fully serviced suite of managed workspaces, shop front creative units, contemporary art galleries, multifunctional meeting rooms and event spaces are all designed not only to support creativity, innovation and business growth but also be flexible enough to meet the ever-changing needs of the creative industries.

The Gallow Gate, which currently presents an interdisciplinary arts programme from our hub in the East End, shares these principles and produces projects which work locally and globally, modelling new civic acts of tolerance, resolution and resistance in response to todays socio-political landscape.

Many Studios CIC is directed by Becca Thomas, Marc Cairns and Natalia Palombo.Many Studios CIC is directed by Becca Thomas, Marc Cairns and Natalia Palombo. Becca Thomas and Marc Cairns are founding directors at New Practice, where their work exists to develop the creative capacity of cities and to connect people with the decision making processes that underpin the urban experience. Managing Director, Natalia Palombo, is a creative producer with a focus on contemporary visual art and film. Her research is centred on critical and convivial conversation in the arts, addressing issues of access to creative and cultural activity, expectations within arts practice, and creative outcomes in areas of regeneration.

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), all surpluses are reinvested into supporting our tenants, maintaining our property and investing back into the creative industries. Many Studios has already achieved recognition as a model of best practice for successful growth and collaboration and was invited to join the European Creative Hubs Network in 2016.


3 Ross Street, The Barras, Glasgow, G1 5AR

+44 (0) 141 573 9515

Office Hours: 10 - 6pm, Wednesday - Sunday